Madigan Wealth Management | Certified Financial Planner Serving Central Missouri

We’ll help you see the big picture.

We are passionate about helping individuals and families put together personalized financial plans that allow them to realize their goals.


Financial Planning

Helping you minimize risk and maximize returns.


Retirement Planning

Understanding your sources of income and where it's going.


Generational Planning

Finding ways to preserve your assets.

We’ll help you make the best moves for your business.

We have years of experience working with businesses of all sizes. This allows us to anticipate obstacles as well as opportunities, and proactively help you make the right moves.

401(k) Plans

Giving your employees more options and flexibility.

Simple Plans

Creating a plan that’s easy to administer.

Profit Sharing Plans

Helping you attract and keep talented employees.

We help you find simple solutions to complex problems.

Everyone is working on their own financial puzzle, with different shapes, sizes and complexities. We provide steady, soothing guidance to help you put it all together.


We Keep it Simple

Life is complicated enough, so we’re all about finding simple solutions to tackle your most complex problems.

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We Make It Custom

Our solutions are not cookie cutter, they're custom, because life happens differently for everyone.


We Believe in Honesty

Honesty is always the best policy, so if we think you’re making decisions that are hurting you financially, we’ll tell you.


We Rely on Communication

The phone is our friend, and we won’t hesitate to call you about something important, or to pick up the phone when you need us.

Patrick Madigan

We bring calmness when life gets complicated.

Patrick Madigan
Financial Advisor

Patrick Madigan has nearly 25 years of experience as a Financial Advisor, and he started Madigan Wealth Management to offer highly customized plans backed by high levels of reassuring service and support. Patrick’s eldest son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum in 2011, and Patrick serves on the board of The Thompson Center Foundation for Autism.

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